resurrection Proofs

Some Proofs for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ:


- Not only was a huge stone placed over the tomb, but soldiers were also placed to guard the tomb. Failure to secure the tomb would have meant certain death for the soldiers.


- There is an empty tomb. Even atheist scholars agree on this account.


- The post-resurrected Jesus was seen by over 500 eyewitnesses (1 Corinthians 15:3-8)


- The apostles were willing to be tortued and killed rather than recant their belief in the resurrected Christ.


- After Jesus' death, the disciples had become a band of frightened men in hiding. After the resurrection, they would die rather than deny that Christ had risen from the grave. Jesus' half-brother James didn't believe Jesus was the Messiah until after the resurrection. He went on to lead the church in Jerusalem and he, too, died rather than deny Jesus' resurrection.


Good News


The word "gospel" comes from a Greek word meaning "good news." How appropriate it is that we use this term to describe the message of God's love for mankind. It is truly good news!


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