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Ancient Punishment


In spite of its cruelty as a form of punishment, crucifixion was practiced throughout the ancient world. The act of crucifixion damanged no vital organs, nor did it result in excessive bleeding. Therefore, death came slowly, sometimes over several days as asphyxiation and fatigue increased. Often, as a further disgrace, the crucified person was denied burial and the body was left on the cross to serve as carrion for the birds and as a warning to potential criminals.

The Great Questions of life | What is My Greatest Need?

What is my greatest need? [Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3]

Welcome to the fourth chapter in this study exploring The Great Questions of Life. In this chapter we will discuss a very pertinent question: How can you meet your greatest need? Everyone has basic needs. We all need oxygen, water, food, shelter and clothing. We all need to be loved, and to feel like we belong. But there is another need that is greater than any of these and that is what this chapter is all about.

What Is Your Greatest Need?

Is It for Your Body or Soul?

The person who is lost in a desert or jungle, or who is adrift on a raft in the ocean, needs to be found and rescued. The starving man needs food; the condemned prisoner needs pardon. The person who has been poisoned needs to be cured.

Although these needs are vital, you have an even greater one. You are much more than a body. You have a spiritual nature, a soul. Your soul is the spring of real life in you. Without God, though, it is ruined. You are like a person dying of thirst. Life and health for your soul are more important than the most urgent need of your body.

Therefore, just as sin entered the world through one man, and death through sin, and in this way death came to all men, because all sinned...
(Bible, Romans 5:12)

Your Greatest Need Is a Savior

The Bible teaches us that a man's soul is lost, starving, deathly sick, and condemned to die. Man needs a Savior to find, feed, cure, and pardon him. A Savior is your greatest need because you can't save yourself.

· Having Christian parents won't save you.

· Being a church member won't save you.

· Trying to be good won't save you.

· Without a Savior, you can't be saved.


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